Thinking Deeply

I woke up today thinking deeply. Sucking in air as if I was coming back from the dead, I stumbled out of bed thinking, “Oh my… I am still sleepy.” My feet touched the ground with a soft thud on my old tongue-and-groove flooring, and all that I could muster was a hobble as I made my way to the kitchen.

Coffee. As I primed my reusable K-cup with 2 spoonful’s of Peet’s Major Dickson’s Deep Roast, I thought, “Why would anyone want to destroy their Keurig?” The simple answer is that they’re fucking stupid. The less than simple answer is they’re fucking stupid. Also, what is less than simple? If something is more than simple, I assume that is probably really fucking easy to figure out.

Back it up for a moment because I forgot to mention The Jeep. My cat, Jeep, likes to wake me up between 5AM and 7AM so he can go outside. He is very vocal and has a way with words in the early morning. When we talk it’s as if I’m talking to myself if I were totally drunk and standoffish, like how you might act if you wanted to order food at the nearest Jack in the Box. It’s the only place open late at night that will accept you in this drunken state of mind with your words crisscrossing into phrases that only a fast food clerk can understand. If this were Blackjack, you’d have equal buying power and assured losses. However, this being Jack in the Black, gimme a Jack’s Spicy Chicken with Curly Fries and Chocolate Shake please, you’re in for assured palatial serenity. This is what dreams are made of.

By now you may have discovered that this blog has lots of direction. The question is where shall we go? I have a path in mind.

I have recently been writing and recording music… There are 5 new songs and 1 previously recorded song that has been remixed. This blog, at least for a while, will be about my experiences during this process. My goal is to release this new music so that it has a positive impact on listeners.

So as I write, and learn, and search for discovery within myself, I hope to share with you the interesting parts of my experience in making music.

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