Sleeping On Sidewalks

I was walking down the street tonight to grab a bite to eat. I noticed a man in a sleeping bag just as he noticed me. I wondered if he chose that site among the passersby because it brought him comfort in sleep. Why not find a quiet place away from all the sounds we make along this busy street? Perhaps this was the choice he made for lonely days have set himself too deep. We may be different in this homelessness yet all the same in life. For when we have a home to keep we vacation in countryside. But when we turn ourselves astray a man will sleep on lively streets that fill his heart with sound. He does this so – I think I know – his soul can find a home.

What is becoming more and more apparent is that I am motivated by these tiny tales of inspiration – using my Echo while others fight for life or a homeless man in sleeping bag on a cold night. I use them to get started writing. I will say, too, that my thoughts are genuine. I actually did wonder these things as I walked along the streets tonight.

What’s funny is about 10 seconds later, after passing the man in the sleeping bag, a voice called out faintly, “Riley… Riley… Riley.” Yes, three times. I scanned to my left and to my right, and left again as I centered on a figure directly across the street. I was standing in front of my favorite sandwich shop, moments away from entering! I was so hungry. As the dark figure approached I recognized that it was a friend from high school. A friend I actually was not friends with in high school. We aren’t really friends now either, except that we are friendly when we see each other. You know the kind. So we talked for a short while. He asked about my music. I thought that was cool. I should have said, yes! But have you read my blog?”

Okay, enough of that for now. Let’s talk about my weekend of music. I rehearsed on Friday night with friends. It was fine. I think that coming from recording sessions, where my sound has been dialed in, it felt difficult to coordinate a first rehearsal like this. I also have not been playing with a full band very much lately so that added to what I felt were challenges. But all in all, it was fun to hang with friends and play music. We did some covers too. Playing songs you already know is a good way to get started. I realize now we should have done that so we could get our dynamics going. Like I said, it was fine. I am just happy that people are interested to play these songs!

On Saturday I walked from my house to meet Tim and John for a late lunch at Nick’s on 2nd. We walked from there to John’s studio and played music for a lil while. Same place as the night before. It was fun! We just fiddled around a bit, and I shared a couple of new song ideas. We regrouped later that night during the 2nd Street Christmas Parade to play some more.

I got to play on Sunday too! My cousin had a surprise party for his wife at our venue, At The Top. I only played at the end of the party. My uncle let me use his black and white telecaster. It was nice to mess around and play my tunes in front of family. My cousin is a full time musician and my uncle has been playing in the same band since high school. Him and I played a few covers and originals and it was cool to have him take interest and give me positive feedback. I want to keep this rhythm going. Maybe I should play a local gig? Hmmm. Yes, I should. But right now all I can think about is how thirsty and tired I am.

I have a lot of work to do this week (non-music). Also, my cat keeps waking me up super early so I need to get to bed at a reasonable hour. I want to take advantage of my very real and relentlessly loud pussycat alarm clock. It’s a burden and a blessing.

P.s. How do I keep this blog from sounding like a journal? Does that matter? How much entertaining shit do I need to throw into this so that people want to read? Do people want to read my trials, tribulations, and triumphs? Who fucking cares? Someone must…

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