Our Story: Chapter One

I took this photo during a thrilling trek through the eastern region of Iceland. We had bounced and slid all morning while navigating the island’s rocky terrain toward the coast. The night before we had seen the aurorae among an otherwise pitch-black starry sky. As we emerged from the experience we were focused, and we felt good. This is our story.

Courage: let me know your thoughts on courage . . . your stories, experiences, feelings, miscellaneous ideas, beliefs . . .

Format: send me topics, character ideas, storylines, or anything you think might help format these posts into a cohesive narrative.

“As more distant stars are revealed in this animation depicting an infinite, homogeneous and static universe, they fill the gaps between closer stars. Olbers’s paradox argues that as the night sky is dark, at least one of these three assumptions about the nature of the universe must be false.”

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