Maybelline – New Music Single

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Having grown up in the bar business, Riley operates Shannon’s bars, restaurant and entertainment venue with his family.

Over the past few years as the Shannon’s businesses have grown, Riley has endeavored to focus more on creating and playing music. His latest project is Life on Mars. Check out new music single releases every month!

​​Life on Mars is an Americana Music Album with eclectic elements that was inspired by a journey through Iceland in 2016. The song Live One writes about this experience, asking, “What’s it like to be a stone shot into magma bursting out?” From there the album took shape as a metaphor for life on Earth, what we’ve done here, how we’ve grown, our follies… and if we went to Mars, what would we want to bring and do differently?

Maybelline is about strength, diversity, equality and empathy for others.

News out of #Alabama is troubling… my new song “Maybelline” was written with #WomensRights in mind… the idea was inspired when my mom, sister and others attended the march in Washington 2 years ago! 💪 In the opening lyric I sing, “She wanted to go real far, like Alabama won’t you take me home to Mars…” 🎶 I did not expect the example would be so poignant and coincidental during the week of this song release… Fuk those idiots who try to regulate bodies other than their own! Choose #LoveoverFear ✌️☘️

“She wanted to go real far, like Alabama won’t you take me home to Mars where I can sleep among the stars at night? She never cared for darkness. If we come apart at the seams, will we still share these old jeans? If we can’t stop fueling the fight, will we walk together tomorrow, or will we wash away? Will we wash away? Maybelline, Maybelline… maybe, maybe… never thought I’d fly without ya… Walkin’ alone again I’ve seen your face before and look at your eyes so blue, dressed to chill another Friday night. Why can’t it be just like this?” © 2019 Riley Hodges

Riley Hodges: Lyrics, Piano, Hammond B3, Guitar, Vocals
Rebecca Gurnee: Backing Vocals
Robbie Allen: Bass
Antoine Arvizu: Drums – visit my website for bonus content

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