C’est La Vie En Sevilla

Arriving in España reminded me of the time I spent here while studying abroad in Barcelona. We visited Sevilla at that time yet I could not really appreciate the city then the way that I do now.

For starters, our Airbnb was a great choice, and it’s exciting to be here for our friend Maria and Alex’s wedding!

Sevilla is beautiful, romantic, and cultured with a rich history of traditions like Flamenco and food like Paella and Iberian Ham. There are also stories of conquest, exploration of the Americas and stunning architectural design.

As we venture out into the city I am finding there are many parallels to explore as I am releasing my new single, C’est La Vie!

Sitting on our balcony with La Giralda in my view reminds me another time and place. Have you been to space?

Life on Mars is about expressing our best self while practicing empathy, courage and love.

Family is so important and I feel blessed to be able to spend time with them on this lovely vacation!

I’m excited to release C’est La Vie next Friday, June 28th! We are playing a release show at the Prospector the night before, Thursday at 10pm. Come say “hola” as I bring the Spanish vibes home with me to share in the LBC.

Playing on a new friend’s guitar at Luis y Luz (pron. “looth” in the Sevillian accent 🙂
My sister, Shannon, and new friend at the pre-wedding Paella and Ribs BBQ at Luis’
Maria’s son and Spanish father, Luis. He hosted the BBQ at his home in Montequinto, and selected a very special wedding venue.
Alex and Maria

Upcoming notes:

it’s amazing you can perceive emotions so subtly on a living face. a face that’s alive, however far away or near you feel to it, can be detected by the viewer and in relation makes them feel alive, however far away or near you feel to it.


Rose petals are divine








When the sangria and gazpacho becomes confused, it’s a good thing… 

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