Here’s To New Beginnings, A Lesson In Mindfulness (this post makes no sense)

My 10-minute timer is ringing as I sit at my desk writing this blog post. I hop over my Robot Vacuum (RV) that has been cleaning my home today, and I have to pause:

RV can be stowed in its home base charging station under the couch. Normally, RV will cannibalize its own equipment that prevents a return to home base for charging. But now the life-giving extension cord is protected behind a make-shift ramp made of two long and skinny plastic covers (I will later find that this is not sufficient, and simply tape the cord to the floor like a pro).

These plastic covers were designed for its original use to hide the insides of my TV mount, like the armor of a brazen knight, that I recently removed from its nearly 9th year on my wall. It was stuck and audibly grumbled as I yank’d the 20lb mount.

As I make my way into the kitchen I can see the water has come to a rolling boil. I add the eggs as I have become accustomed to doing using a silver ladle spoon that cups the eggs perfectly for control and placement.

After the eggs are safely in their home I turn to my very tasty detox tea.

I read the label as the tea cools:

“Detox Tea, with cardamom, fennel, aniseed and licorice root. Here’s to new beginnings, shrug off old and embrace the new.”

Something tingled inside and I remembered the fortune cookie:

“Next month new beginnings…”

Moments later I realize I had not set a timer to help cook the boiling eggs. Normally I set a timer for 8 minutes using my Echo. I do some quick math and have difficulty arriving at the remaining time for boiling, so I set a 5 minute timer and a 4 minute timer. The question is have the eggs been boiling for 3 or 4 minutes so far?

I return to my freshly brewed Detox Tea and take a sip. “Aaahhhhh.”

I should stay here, but instead pontificate further:

In conclusion, I felt it was best to pull the eggs after 4 more minutes (mainly, to write this blog). This allows for a slower cooling method (insurance) so the eggs can continue cooking before adding cold water.

Later on I realize that I think I may have overdone it, and actually I forgot to set a timer for cooling as I’m once again prioritizing Our Story.

Priorities are fine, but this seems like a sign of what I need to watch out for: mindfulness.

Okay, it’s both, and: Scratch the timer issue as I did have a timer going and turns out I was a mere 10 seconds early.

10… 9… 8… 7…

Mindfulness. Relying so much on technology can be troubling, and it is I that does the doubling. Here and now, far and wide, my cells will not relent as they divide. What was there is now once more, a version of me within a Cosmic Score.

I swear I also made this same blog entry last year. Lesson learned, or was it? Swearing is fine, but I know for sure I wrote this post in 2019, and THIS here, now, THIS actual post NOW.

So… Here’s to another year older #2020 !!!

Shrug off the old and embrace the new…

6… 5… 4… 3…


Live One

Live One

Coming Soon…

Written on a journey through Iceland

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