I am a trapper, only by practice, and not of thoughts born still.

There it was all along, a piece of me that was so strong. I pulled it out from thin air and never stopped to think or care.

Until now I plead I am that strong, yet I forgot you were my song.

“God is manifest in contemplating.” Lyrics from an upcoming music release, “Live One.”

Contemplating is thus defined, “Whilst in the life of the intellect, ‘contemplation’, refers to thinking profoundly about something. In the religious life contemplation is a kind of inner vision or seeing, transcendent of the intellect, facilitated by means of practices such as prayer or meditation.” according to Wikipedia.

Sometimes ‘sleeping’ will do the trick, or is it ‘dreaming’ that I’m ‘living’ in?

Stay tuned for more #creativewriting and help me write the story of ā€œ L I F E O N M A R S ā€œ where I will engage fans throughout the writing process.

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