Introducing: Life On Mars 1/22/21

Life On Mars” is an Americana Music Album.

Life On Mars is all about dreaming of a better place filled with love and empathy.

When I set out on this journey 4 years ago to the day, or thereabouts…

Entering 2017 was a time of great change during our nation’s inauguration.

Previously, I had been inspired on a journey through Iceland in September and October of 2016.

When I returned home I felt compelled to write, and to speak my mind…

So here we are again, and we have righted the ship, but not without sustained damages.

Today I am making a BIG ANNOUNCEMENT:

You can purchase the album now for $5.99 at my Cosmic Store.

You can Pre-Order the Vinyl Record here for $34.99. PREORDER IN ADVANCE & RECEIVE A SPECIAL PRIZE.

Life On Mars on Vinyl – mock-up – manufacturing with Erika Records in Buena Park, CA – Preorder now!

With that said, I’m excited to tell you that I’m finally committed to a release schedule that makes sense and I think you will enjoy!


The Launch sequence begins with a Listening Party on Thursday, 1/21/21 at 7PM where I will ask fans to engage with me on my ‘gram account @RileyHodgesMusic 🙂

I will be asking fans to comment words or feelings that come to mind that I will then use to inform my release schedule and I will create an interactive game for fans to play along with me and help write the “Story of Life On Mars” – check out #OURSTORY_LOM on the ‘gram.

From there I will be highlighting each song on the album in order of appearance, including:

  • A new Blog Post written and informed by your feedback and comments for #OURSTORY_LOM
  • A new Music Video for each song
  • Special Offers

Recently, I’ve been working on a TV show that I created called Cosmic Cocktails where I announced the date of my Life On Mars album release for Friday 1/22/21.

Unfortunately, due to COVID-19, there are still some delays for the Vinyl Record that I cannot account for – most importantly, the Vinyl Record I have been working on is taking longer than expected (I do have test pressings completed and you can check them out during my Listening Party on Thursday, 1/21/21).

You can Pre-order the Vinyl Record for “Life On Mars” by visiting my website here.

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