Life On Mars: Chapter 1 (Street Walker)

“Dream big,” I remember my mother telling me. “Dream big like the stars.”

It was 4AM and I lay awake thinking of my future. Today was the day I’d begin training for my new job. Of course I felt excited and although I did not feel nervous, I did feel a bit of unexplained pressure. Normally, whenever I start something new I try to do as much preparation as possible so that I know my way around the ship, as they say.

As I lay there watching the morning light make its way onto the backside of my curtains, illuminating the whole drapery like the delicate bio-luminescence of the sea, I felt the heaviness of my eyelids.

When I finally awoke it was 8AM. I was not late, but I would not be as early to training as I had wanted. I got out of bed and prepared myself for the day. As I exited my front door and made my way to my transport vehicle I felt the sunshine warm me as it invigorated my senses.

Along the way, I daydreamed of my future. Would I become a solitary figure in the pursuit of happiness for future generations to come, or would I start living my life with each passing breath?

When I arrived, I was told to report to “Building A” in order to begin my training. It was the first step toward my new future, one that I was in control of and I felt proud.

Summary of themes:

An observer disturbs the balance. A holographic understanding of the world takes shape.

When we feel the warmth of the Sun, we feel the Sun’s life-giving force. We feel life.

Which is it, then? Does the Sun simply give life, or is it alive?

Where is our character headed in this opening Chapter? Stay tuned to find out.

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