A lotta lotta

A whole lotta lotta has happened lately that all my happenings are filled to the brim of a cup with luck and whiskey to share. I’m not sure where to start… probably where I’m least likely to care… like, for instance, people are stupid. What is happening currently with that I’m sure you can easily find out. Look around! I also happen to have news to share. Feel me out.

I’m recording 6 additional songs! And I think they’re coming out better than the first bunch of songs from October and November. Maybe? Truly.

Street Walker

Here We Are

C’est La Vie


Forget Her

A Live One

Your Love

Can You Feel It Softly Go


High Low

Shoot The Root

Coming Home


*Above pic from October 2017 with Tim Bullock on bass at The Compound Studio in Long Beach, CA.


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