Build, build, build…

But why? Why do we build? We create things for a purpose to get us along in life. Some things are easy and other things cause you strife. When you have a little playbook to guide you around, your friendship is in labor for those who call you clown. But when you have a flavor to offer those who pay. You may have a true labor you build from day-to-day.

What the hell am I talking about? Work, blah, eat, blah, survival, bro. Do you even survive, bro? I am thinking of a number between 1 and survival. No one cares if you guess the number. Just fucking survive.

Is that not the fundamental basis for human life… survive, survive, survive. Build, build, build. Is this the way of the Universe as defined by entropy? Things emanate? Not quite. We engineer. One word: Lemmings.

Speaking of engineering, the last 2 months have taken me to the moon and back. I’ve seen that dusty shell with a rocky somewhat molten core. It does not complete me. Next stop, Mars.

My upcoming album, Life On Mars, is a metaphor for this journey we experience every day. What will we bring with us?

Although we experience life differently, we are the same. Build, build, build. Survive, survive, survive. And something that unites us universally, cosmically, theoretically with strings: sound and song and musical dances along the plains and across the axis through the years of light traveling past us at speeds so fast melting minds like molasses and with limited views at smaller levels where things get weirder and weirder. Bring your glasses.

So this post is about everything and nothing in a way. I want to jot down more experiences and stories to tell. I want to share funny viewpoints and make fun of stupid people. But not today. Today is simply to celebrate greatness in all forms. I shall quote myself, “To lead in life is crucial, but aspirations for greatness are essential.”

I also want to share lessons learned, perhaps a song-by-song favor profile kinda thing and next goals for music release. Hmm. Building…

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