New Music: Life on Mars

Riley Hodges is a musician from Long Beach, CA.

Hi Friends, Family and seekers of truth,

 Life on Mars represents our collective ability to CREATE an ideal world. 

My musical virtues focus on empathy, courage and love.

The album is set for release on vinyl later this year.

Here is a sneak peak:

  • My first release will be the opening track, Street Walker, on Friday, April 12, 2019
  • I will ask fans to reply and comment what Life on Mars means to them
  • I will tag & use fan comments to determine the next single release in May 2019
  • I will include fan comments in a live blog I’ll be writing named Our Story

Thank you for reading!

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Having grown up in the bar business, Riley operates Shannon’s bars, restaurant and entertainment venue with his family.

Over the past few years as the Shannon’s businesses have grown, Riley has endeavored to focus more on creating and playing music. His latest project is Life on Mars.

​​Life on Mars is an alt-rock album with eclectic elements that was inspired by a journey through Iceland in 2016. The song Live One writes about this experience, asking, “What’s it like to be a stone shot into magma bursting out?” From there the album took shape as a metaphor for life on Earth, what we’ve done here, how we’ve grown, our follies… and if we went to Mars, what would we want to bring and do differently?


The album conjures a utopian dream where virtues like Empathy and Courage are held in high regard. The songs chat an earthly tone with the opening track, Street Walker, reciting the exclaims of pedestrian life through bouncy beats, clean guitar riffs and a padded saxophone, while Maybelline, a dreamer for equal rights wanting to sleep among the stars, follows a laid-back funk-rhythm that is supported by uplifting vocals and a Hammond B3.

© Riley Hodges 2019

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